Nursing Homes

Here at the Australian Nursing Home Foundation we have an outstanding reputation for delivering exceptional care to older Chinese and South East Asian individuals.

With a 35-year history, ANHF is able to care for people who are no longer able to care for themselves because of illness, fragility or dementia. Our philosophy of “Love, serve and respect our neighbour’s elders as our own” continues to inspire us to provide the best model of care for our seniors.

Our three residential services are:

Book a pre-admission tour in one of our nursing homes

You can arrange pre-admission tours of the homes by contacting the nursing home directly by email or telephone.

We provide dedicated and culturally specific care services to our nursing home residents by providing the much needed support services to ensure our elders may live in a healthy, stimulating and active environment.

We genuinely care for our residents. Visitors to our nursing homes comment on the warmth, friendliness and smiles of both our staff and residents.

At ANHF, we strive for excellence ensuring our residents maintain healthy, stimulating and active lives. We offer a caring environment where people can speak and be spoken to in their preferred language, have meals that are appealing and familiar to them and where their cultural traditions are taken into consideration.

We respect the traditional Chinese and South East Asian culture and offer meals, programs, activities and celebrations of cultural events within a familiar and comfortable setting.

We have been recognised with best practice awards for achieving the highest standard of care in the delivery of culturally and linguistically appropriate aged care. Our commitment to government legislative compliance and aged care standards in the industry enables ANHF to continue as a best practice operator.

To live in one of our aged care facilities, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must assess you. An ACAT assessor is a health care professional that will evaluate your physical, mental and social situation and decide if you are eligible for placement in our facilities. The assessor will discuss the results of the assessment with you and can arrange referrals to our community care or residential care services.
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