Community Visitors Scheme

Australian Nursing Home Foundation provides a Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) that aims to enrich the quality of life of recipients of Commonwealth subsidised Home Care Packages from a friendly one-on-one visit by the volunteer community visitor. Community visitors will regularly visit the elderly they are matched with either weekly or fortnightly.

Activities can involve any activity from sharing a cup of tea or coffee, reading together, watching a favourite TV program, listening to music, playing a board game or simply having a chat,

Am I eligible?

CVS is available to recipients of Australian Government subsidised Home Care Packages who have been identified by their aged care provider as experiencing or at risk of experiencing social isolation, whether for social or cultural reasons or because of disability. Recipients should speak Chinese or Vietnamese.

Our service areas include 5 regions of Sydney: Inner West, South East Sydney, South West, Western and Northern Sydney.

Please contact us for any enquiries.

Tel: (02) 9784 0848
Fax: (02) 9784 0800

For further information please visit My Aged Care Website or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422